Our Approach

The one thing we want to do in this industry is be able to do what others says is impossible. The challenge to do something new that no one else can do is what push’s me. With military background and dedication it gives us a driver to be the best and to be able to offer the best.

Our Story

Airborne locksmith was built out of the love of a family and ones baby girl. When Glen Kinsey had his first child he was working a lot of hours and away from home. His daughter didnt know him and wife doing all the work at home. Glen decided his family was number 1 priority so he quit his job to open Airborne Locksmith. Now one of the leading locksmiths in the world he is known world wide for his contributions to fellow locksmith.

Glen Kinsey CLL


Glen is former ARMY solder. He spent six years in the 101st Airborne before becoming a locksmith.